intro. problems.

An attempt at making a journal.  Not just a health journal, but also a lifestyle journal.  Hopefully that’ll keep me accountable but you never know.

Some current background problems.

Agoraphobia [Claustrophobia?].  I don’t like going far distances on my bike; for whatever reason, I’ll begin to freak out around the 5mi mark if I’m not sure exactly where I am.  This is especially bad if I’m not comfortable with the roads or it’s really, really cold out.  In addition, I do not like to go on trains because of the potential to stop for an indefinite amount of time between stations.  In addition to that, I don’t like to be in other people’s cars driving places — maybe that’s a control thing?  I’m not really sure.  Cabs are okay, but only for certain comfortable distances.

This has been happening for most of my life — since around 22 years till now at 29 years.  I don’t anticipate this one going away but it’s made better by getting myself out of the house every day and trying to go to new places and do new things.

As a note, this does not manifest into social anxiety (strangely!) and I also don’t have the usual associated depression.

The Rx for this was Zoloft 50mg and benzos as needed.  I still do the benzos sometimes, but I’m weening myself off of the Zoloft slowly.  As of right now, I’m on 12.5mg every other day.  I expect to space them out even more over the coming weeks, then stop it entirely.  It doesn’t do much at all.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  I’ve only had this for a few days now.  The gist is that it’s a nerve that’s being compressed (like a pinched nerve) somewhere between my left shoulder and my wrist.  It feels bizarre: it’s the pins-and-needles feeling that you hit your funny bone, but just all the time.  Began April 17th, began exercises on April 18th.  Does not seem much better as of April 21st, but I’m trying to get better at not putting my elbows on desks and keeping my arm straight.  This also means that I need to sleep on my back, which I’m going to attempt to do tonight.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’m waiting for at least two weeks before I see a doctor; if it doesn’t seem like it’s going away, I’ll go in two weeks.  More conservative methods usually work, but, if they don’t, it might require some surgery, and that surgery requires money.  Even the EMG (a test to look at nerve action) would wind up being around $1k with insurance according to my insurance website.


I’ve been exercising in cardio classes for a few weeks, but I need to start doing strength training and get my diet in check.  Most likely will be doing body-weight exercises.  Tonight, I tried to do them but I got sore wrists; I need to work my wrists more.  Tomorrow, I’ll be learning how to properly do squats and rows to integrate them into a workout.  Hopefully my CTS [above] won’t bug me too much with that.  I’ve been slacking at the gym for fear that it would act up.  I’m not sure if it would or not, but it would be pretty annoying being in a class if it does.


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