Either the cubital tunnel syndrome is getting slightly better (it feels less intense when doing exercises and in general) or I’m just getting used to it.  I’m hoping it’s the former, but I’ll keep on updating here.  The only time when I feel it significantly is when I do the arm-by-ear exercise.

I also managed to mess up sleeping on my back again.  It’s a lot harder than I expected.  I don’t know why, but even when I’m dead tired there’s something that keeps me awake.  I’ll keep at it, I guess, for another week but then I have to figure something out.


Yesterday I got up to the point of doing gradient descent on some data.  I don’t think the GD algorithm worked.  It made sense, it was following directions, but it dudn’t seem to jive with the data they had.  Ugh.  So I’ll be doing that again today.  Exciting.


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