Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  For the most part, this is gone.  It only appears slightly if doing the glided exercises, or after a night of having my arm bent.  I ought to stop doing that for regular health reasons.

But, my body has excellent timing.  Beginning Sunday, right after the CTS subsided, I began having dizziness, numb lips at times, feelings of disorientatioin, feeling of having a fever — coincidentally, the withdrawal symptoms of Zoloft, coincidentally as I’m weening myself off of Zoloft.  So, I’m going to call this Zoloft Withdrawal.  I sort of brought this one on myself, but it’ll be worth it to be off of Zoloft for me.  It will make job hunting a bit annoying, but this is a pretty decent time for me to do this.  I was on 12.5mg every other day for a few months, weening down from other doses, and this is as small as I could consistently get the pills; I decided to stop after I missed my dose for two days and realized that this would be a good time to get off of them.  They don’t do much for my depression.

Ordinarily, Zoloft Withdrawal takes around “a few weeks” to subside, and given the 2-week periods that my other sicknesses took, I’m going to give this one around two weeks as well.  Fairly annoying, but I can’t do much about it.  I don’t currently have the “brain zaps” (the most annoying part, when I did this a few years ago and couldn’t handle it) which is nice, but we’ll see what comes up.


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