Back Painsz.

Today I’ll be doing a few fun things.  I’ll be going to Shake, Rattle, and Read — there are free books there, but I want to go for the bikeride.  It’s a good 20 minutes away but we’ll see how it goes.

I have a coffee sitdown with the Data Science lead for Civis on Thursday.  I hope it goes well — if not, oh well!  I’ll also be sitting down and applying more today.  I’m going to make a paper schedule for myself to do X things.  This unemployment has shown me that I don’t get a lot done if I just sit around and be depressed and lonely; I gott’a force myself to get out, and that forces myself to be social as well.

The SSRI symptoms seem to have gone away as of a few days ago — probably Sunday, or Saturday, I’d say.  The only lingering thing I have is mild dizziness if I stay up too late.  All in all, this was an extremely productive unemployment time if only because of this medication change.

It’s strange how such a small, small pill can change your life so much.

As is usual with my life, the second something goes away something else comes and takes its place.  This one doesn’t seem as major but I’ll track it neverthless.

Since last night, possibly after increased tension in my back from sitting dumb, I felt soreness in my left shoulder blade.  It does not hurt to move my arms up or down, or back or forwards, but it does hurt to reach my left arm to the right, or my left arm back, without the other arm.  It was extremely difficult getting into a sleeping position — on my side — which didn’t hurt.  Fairly annoying, but not the end of the world.

I took a bath, popped a few ibuprofens, we’ll see how this is.  I will give this two weeks before I see a doctor; it could be nothing, but because I also had mild nerve damage I was also concerned about a potential tumor in the upper lung, which has similar symptoms.  Since such tumors are usually malignant, I’d want to be absolutely sure that no funny business is going on.  I’m fairly sure it’s just my terrible, terrible posture, though.


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